I’m out here listening to the stars

The city’s always screaming but this quiet world is ours

And I do my best to pick up on the whispers that they’ve told

They’re spinning ancient stories from worlds I’ll never know

Ih Orion point me home

I can’t trust the Dippers yeah they’ll talk to anyone

And I know where I’m headed just don’t know which way to go

And you’re like a distant brother that I want to get to know

I’m out here trekking through the night

The Smokies feel more lonely in the pale of the moonlight

But Lyra’s up there playing and I’m singing with her strings

In the empty of the valleys the echoes bounce and ring

Oh Orion hold me close

Gemini’s being two-faced but I probably should’ve known

And I know where I’m headed but I can’t seem to find the road

And I’m trying hard to trust you but I’m scared of the unknown

I’m out here riding on the rails

You know how I’m a dreamer and I’m feeling like I’ve failed

Never thought that I might get here at least not quite so low

But I guess I’ll keep on riding find out where the tracks go

Oh Orion where’d you go

My body’s getting weary and the air is getting cold

Thought I knew where I was headed but I guess I didn’t know

And I thought that I could trust you but you were putting on a show