Cold War

Don’t you hate it when the truth sets you up to fail

When it flashes in your face to show how far you fell

And I try to rise but my heart sinks

And you try to help but your touch just stings

I’m tired of playing puppet in your damn Cold War

Of marching off to battle lines just to watch them blur

Before I get there

You’ve broken promises you never knew you couldn’t keep

And you don’t seem to know it’s poison that I’m breathing deep

And I try to fight but I swing and miss

And all I can taste is your Judas kiss

I can’t just stay here silent as we’re wearing thin

But my God don’t shoot the messenger just because she sings

It’s all she knows

So drop some bombs

Raise some hell

Make some noise

Make some war

Just make some progress

Anything we can call progress

I can’t survive these changing minds

These trading sides

These traitor’s lies

We’re getting nowhere

Can’t you see that we’re getting nowhere

And I won’t just be a martyr for your broken cause

It’s killing me and can’t you see that it’s your fault

I’m crying out with all I’ve got please take up arms

Or lay ‘em down

But this in-between ends right now

‘Cause I’m tired of pretending that my heart’s not sore

From all the fights you’ve never had in this Cold War