Did you know just what you sang to me

The words still hang here in the air

The melodies dancing along with your feet

And mingle with the scent of your hair

That you’d think the rains would have washed away

To California after you

But here in the kitchen you stubbornly stay

Though I’ve tried to cut you loose

I’ve tried to cut you loose

I miss hearing your voice as the sun would rise

And the nights would slip quietly past

And the glint of the warm morning light in your eyes

Gave me hope that those evenings would last

‘Till the day I would go to the place where we’d meet

And your face was nowhere in the crowd

I couldn’t help but hope I’d find you in the street

But you took what you had and left town

You up and left town

I still sit up at night and you knew so you called

Said you had a story to tell

You said that you might come back home in the fall

Asked if you could explain yourself

You said that it had to be done face to face

But why put off clearing the air

Guess I don’t understand why your reasons can wait

But I’m not really sure that I care

Not sure that I care

I’m not sure that I care

I don’t know that I care